About the project

UIP-2020-02-3695 Analysis of Systems in Crisis and of New Consciousness in 21st Century Literature. This is an installation research project at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of J. J. Strossmayer of Osijek in partnership with University of Zadar and the Academy of Culture and Arts Osijek. The project is funded by the Croatian Science Foundation. The PI is Assist. Prof. Sonja Novak; duration of the project: 1st February 2021 – 31st January 2026


Installation research project UIP-2020-02-3695 Analysis of systems in crisis and of new consciousness in 21st century literature

The objective of the project is to analyse contemporary English, German and Croatian literature with emphasis on systems in crisis, where the systems are defined from a sociological perspective as family, local community, state, region etc. The aim is to prove the hypothesis that what we have at hand is a predominantly subversive attitude of literature towards the phenomenon of crisis and towards systems in crisis. This hypothesis will be tested by examining the crucial elements such as plot motivation, (geographical, public) space the plot is positioned in, characterization and behaviour patterns of characters, utopian/dystopian potential, discourse analysis, coping mechanisms, and others. The research methodology also includes the use of qualitative content analysis software, which places the project into the area of digital humanities.

Research team

This project is financed by the Croatian Science Foundation